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Dryft Brand redesign

Dryft offers help in construction, painting, plumbing, tiling & electricity. Dryft is for both recent and long-established homeowners who need a trusted life-long partner for their home energy efficiency, maintenance and improvement needs.



Workshop design 

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Logo design

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Dryft AB

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Brand Designer

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Nasra Rashiid 
Mathilda Sundström

Jack Davis

Divya  Kavadia



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Dryft wanted to manifest their ongoing business transformation and strategy explorations in a brand redesign.


The ambition was to modernise the brand, while instilling playfulness that emphasised trust. 


The CEO and CMO thought our redesign perfectly appeals to both the construction experts and consumers who hire services. 

''We have some way to go with our business transformation, but we cannot wait to roll-out with your redesign''

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Logo design rational : 

The Dryft Logo is comprised of a bold, geometric logotype incorporating the word “Dryft” with a symbol located centrally above.

The symbol has been derived from the letter ‘D’ and a nut, with an opening at the back. The humble nut is an object that is ubiquitous within the construction industry. Its simplicity of form and singular function of binding connected elements converge neatly into a powerful and easily recognisable symbol. Combining the two elements preserves the original meaning of each while also creating a bold and unique shape for easy brand recall.

The symbol is then used again as the first letter of the the logotype, further reinforcing the unique design.

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