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The marketing challenge was to make the pairing of foods & snacks with Pepsi, seem appetizing & enjoyable.

Our visual direction made the snack items & product larger than life, leaving the consumer right in the middle of it to explore and bite into the itsy-bitsy worlds. The snackable content left the viewers hungry for more, and maybe prompted many emergency

canteen visits.

Canteen ke pav-bhaaji pe Sharma
Poore semester jee gaya 
Trying to cheer him up with this doodle
Kyunki uski Pepsi thi, main pi gaya

Jack & Jill, went up the hill 
Bhookh was completely killing the chill 
Jack ban gaya food fairy 
Samosa-pepsi'd his way to her dil

We all live in a dosa submarine
Dosa submarine, dosa submarine
We will all eat this dosa submarine
Pepsi with a, Dosa submarine, Dosa submarine

Sunday morning dosa dream
Broken by the roomie's scream
Pepsi mangwaoon? 
Ya coffee with cream?