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MB Group

Miljonbemanning is a 10 year old staffing and recruitment company. Three friends- Ali, Saleh and Shafik started this company because they wanted to get their friends hired. Miljonbemanning has doubled in size every year in recent years and has grown in complexity beyond its original service offering.


Art Direction

Brand book

Brand narrative

Brand platform

Brand strategy


Visual identity






Team Lead, Project manager


Art Director: Cleo Jean McColgan

Designer: Catalina Pizarro Riquelme

Copywriter: Jack Davis

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The brief was to build a new visual identity that allows the brand to appeal to white collar job seekers as much as blue collar job seekers.

Their current branding has had great publicity but is limiting them to be only known for staffing.

Also we had to help come up with a new name that umbrellas all that Miljonbemanning does and allows the possibility of sub-brands.



Debrief and brand discovery-

We conducted desktop research, competitor analysis and quant surveys to understand customer perception

Brand strategy- 

My team mate and I facilitated a workshop with founders.

We used brand personality slider, values pyramid and brand positioning graphs as tools to align visions

We also used the workshop to come up with a name together

Brand design 

Created Stylescapes to give an overarching visual idea, logos and the brand book



We created a cohesive brand that still reminds one of their legacy while being more modern and prominent.

The possibility of sub branding allows them to grow and still retain the style.

Met the brief in it's entirety.

Feedback from Lindsay Tingstrom- " Good coverage on your research process - gathered lots of insights and made it mean something"

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Brandbook slides-03.png
Brand book pages
Visiting Card
Visiting Card
Branded cap design

Jack and I facilitated  a workshop to understand the brand better and come up with a new brand name

Stakeholder map.png
Research Map.png
Value Pyramid.png
Brand Personality.png

The Feedback

From the client:

" It shows that you got the feeling"

" We have a lot of things to do now, you gave us a good foundation to start"

From our Industry expert Lindsay Tingstrom:

" Good coverage on your research process - gathered lots of insights and made it mean something"

" Solid Brand Platform"

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