Krishna and You

Be yourself. While making this, I thought of my grandma and her stories about how mischievous Krishna was. How he would steal clothes of the Gopis and trouble them while they took a bath.

But now that I think of this, I see a different interpretation. To me, the gopis are all of us. And the clothes symbolise what we desire. We hope and pray that God will help us to get what we want. We pray, we demand, we beg, we cry and ultimately still hope that He will work His magic. What we don't realise is that we damn well can climb that tree. And get what we want, for ourselves. By ourselves.

(Ps. I'm not trying to hurt sentiments. Just seeing things a little differently)

Do it yourself.

Try associating yourself with the cattle here. We are full of potential and divinity, but look hapless. It seems we need a driving force even to find nourishment. But if you look closely, Krishna is a mere guide here. He only gives an overall sense of direction. It’s us who fill our own bellies and find purpose in our journey. And if we stray too far, there will be a reminder to get us back on track.​

Love yourself.❤️

Radha and Krishna are always spoken in the same breath. Radha the eternal lover, the forever giver. But we often ignore the hardships she had to bear alone. Just like her, God can’t be with us all our life. But we still prevail. Like Radha, the hope is we live our life strongly, waiting for an eventual reunion. A time where we are peacefully serenaded by a divine flute. A day that helps us live all our days.