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Four Seasons - Naviva

Naviva is a Four Seasons resort in Punta Mita adjacent to Four Seasons Punta Mita. It is an unprecedented ultra-luxury retreat in connection to the natural, local environment. Naviva places a strong emphasis on a seamless indoor and outdoor living experience offering guests an immersive, inspirational and transformational experience.


Service Design


Four Seasons




Lead Service Designer


Creative and Design: Thanchanit Homtib, Sousan Raei, Daniel Skoglund

Research: Marius Ketels



The brief was given to us just before the launch of Naviva. This resort aims to give an ultra-luxurious, immersive experience to their guests while being priced in an all-inclusive way.

Traditionally the concept of “all-inclusive pricing” in the hospitality industry is perceived as being at the low end of the market. The ask was to reinvent this concept in the form of an “immersive” pricing model (evolved name for inclusive) to be able to show exclusivity and value at the same time and become a positive outlier in luxury hospitality?



To give Naviva's customers an end-to-end feeling of luxury, we came up with an end-to-end solution.

We overcame pain points in the pre-visit phase. Addressing potential improvements in this stage to reduce stress and build anticipation and excitement. 

During the stay we built a personalized experience to anchor the customer into the experience; capturing memorable moments. By creating something yourself, we use the IKEA effect to attach the visitor emotionally to their stay.

At the end of their journey, we left the customer on a high and helped them ease into their lives to associate only good feelings with Naviva.

6 months later, we sent a small gift to remind them of Naviva and an email which invites them to come back again and hence closing the loop.

Process design-02.png
Pre retreat needs
Pre retreat solution
During retreat needs
During retreat solution
Post retreat needs
Post retreat solution

Final video deliverable showing our end-to-end solution


The Feedback

From John O’ Sullivan

Regional vice president, Four Seasons

I love the connection with guests after departure, I see how important that is" "

From Ronnie, General manager:

"I love all the details on all the sensorial touch points throughout the presentation

From Katie Mitchell, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing

"I like the completeness of the idea, , I really love the callback to the memory and resurfacing of emotions when they were at the property"

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