Art Direction and Collaboration
for a Concept Food Shoot

Burrp, 2019

The brief was to create a bank of images for a food app called Burrp - which was relaunching in the market with a fresh-face.

With this intense & personally-rewarding project, the team and I tried to provoke alternate ways of looking at everyday food items - while preserving the appetizing & attractive qualities of the dish.
I created a mood-board & style-guide, my designers and I sketched-out the concepts - and collaborated with a food-stylist & photographer to work with actual food during shoot-days.

The client was happy with the result and will be using these on their app and social media.

The Team:

Creative Head: Aatif Shaikh

Art Director: Shruti Thakkar

Designers: Geetanjali Purty, Dean Pereira

Strategy Team: Sanket Shah, Rashi Chandna, Mudit Sharma

Producer: Deepa Ramanathan

Client Servicing: Neelima Karodia

Photographer: Aatif Shaikh